One thought on “Be A Servant??

  1. Normally I don't post to this sort of thing, but…What does the subject have to do with the president?Why are these people sharing? is this an attempt at bandwagon motivation?How does "making sure our senior citizens have access to health care" equal "so that the next generations' memories are not forgotten"?THINK PEOPLE!I support folks who make pledges to better themselves in some way. Things which they can control. I think it's the height of arrogance and lunacy to plegde to do something beyond your control.Example: End hunger? Unattainable for an individual. Help in a soup kitchen? Attaiable.Cure alsheimers? Unattainable for an individual.Never flip off another motorist? Attainable and laudable.To promise to do something you know well and good that you cannot or will not do devalues your promises as a whole. These people will likely go home and never think about what they said again, particularly Mr. Funkadelica who will likely go home to his parent's basement and play x-box. I hate hollow people. Okay. end of rant. Time to take some asprin.

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