Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

Drawing a picture — of anything — initiates force against absolutely no one.

Now, you may not like the picture. If so, I would strongly encourage you not associate or do business with the cartoonist. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. This, too, initiates force against no one.

The moment you try and get a government to get involved, however, you are initiating force: specifically, you are delegating government force to achieve goals that you could not achieve with the means at your natural disposal.

Similarly, should you threaten or use coercion or violence against a cartoonist, you are initiating force.

That’s the Zero Aggression Principle perspective. Allow me to offer my own personal view:

If you believe that a cartoon in any way threatens your religion, you’re simply insane.

The frightening thing, from a global perspective, is just how rampant this belief is — and how it shines a million-candle spotlight on truly global insanity.

Make no mistake, the West has its own share of insanity, the primary one being a fanatical faith in government. However, so far, the West has managed to forge a civilization while the Middle East in particular has lagged well back into the Dark Ages.

I would strongly advise Muslims to, frankly, get over themselves. Christians have endured artwork portraying a crucifix in urine without doing more than protesting loudly. Their faith has not suffered. There is absolutely no reason that a Muslim’s faith should suffer as a result of some crudely-drawn images.

If you honestly and truly cannot wrap your head around that simple notion, then you will bring about your own destruction. The civilized world will not be able to tolerate a religion so violent that it murders individuals over cartoons.

Get over yourselves. If you don’t, we’ll have to do it for you.