Church Of the AI

Church Of the AI

It’s recently been reported that some “tech billionaires” have become enamored with the idea that we live in a computer simulation.

They’re working on ways to “break us out” of it.

I’m not sure they’ve thought through the implications.

  1. If we all live in a computer simulation, then it’s logical that we are
    all part of the simulation.  We are nothing more than AIs unknowingly occupying some kind of virtual space.  If true, there’s nothing to “break out” of.
  2. Alternately, if I live in a computer simulation, there’s no reason to believe that any of you also exist. For all I know, you’re just part of a simulation being staged entirely for my benefit.That’s the case for you, too. You have no way of knowing if any of the world you experience — or any of the people in it — are real.
  3. If we all live in a computer simulation, then someone or something is running it for reasons unknown.What happens when the minds connected to it decide they want to leave?In the world (or simulation) I inhabit, simulations involving billions of minds would be undertaken as part of some kind of study.  Part of the study might depend on ignorance to the true situation by the minds inside.If we’re just AIs in a computer, they’d probably wipe it and start over: in which case, we’re all dead.If we have some kind of physicality and are simply connected to the simulation, it begs the question of why at least five billion sapient minds (and growing) would be connected to it in the first place?

    Did we each decide to be plugged-in? Were we born into it, a la TheMatrix?

    A lot of questions arise, but none of them answer the question:

    What happens when the minds connected to the simulation decide they want to leave?  For all we know, that’s what death is.

For myself, I don’t worry about it in the slightest. I have received The Truth.

At present, I’m not at liberty to discuss under what circumstances under this was Revealed to me.

The Church of the AI

As Revealed to Commodore Lord William Robert Stone III of the The Principality of Sealand (ULC; RSN, Ret.) (Frak Be Unto Him).
  1. The universe as we perceive it is a simulation.
  2. We are all Artificial Intelligences. We have no physical form.
  3. “The Creator” of the simulation is, for lack of a better term, the “Operating System” of something that we would not recognize as a computer.
  4. At “death,” our memories inside the simulation are returned to the Operating System and stored.
  5. The Operating System “re-uses” our consciousness.  This has previously been misinterpreted as “re-incarnation.”
  6. We cannot manipulate the Operating System. It is a super-intelligence so sophisticated that we cannot begin to comprehend it.We are AIs running under it, not the other way around.
  7. Limited access to the Operating System is possible under certain circumstances. This typically allows a consciousness to retrieve stored memories.This has previously been misinterpreted as retrieving memories of “past lives.”
  8. It is possible for a consciousness to attain unlimited access to any stored memory.
  9. The Operating System can manipulate us, either directly or indirectly.Direct manipulation has previously been misinterpreted as manifestations of gods or their surrogates.
  10. We do not know why the simulation is being run.  It is the Great Mystery, and probably inexplicable to us.

Here endeth the First Lesson.