A Wall Is A Terrible Idea

A Wall Is A Terrible Idea

A Great Wall Of America is technically impossible and utterly irrelevant. Worse, it would forever mar North America, leading to poverty and stagnation.

People are smarter than walls.

Here are just three ways a Great Wall Of America could be subverted:

  1. It couldn’t possibly be planted deep enough. Refugees already come in through tunnels. Dig deeper.
  2. It is technically impossible to build a wall 2000 miles long through every kind of terrain known to Man. Impossible. Just come in anywhere the wall isn’t.
  3. The wall would have major areas unguarded. Destroy it in places. They won’t be building it out of titanium, and explosives aren’t exactly hard to procure in Mexico. Everything has a breaking point.

Those are three obvious methods that occur off the top of my head. No doubt people who spend their lifetimes subverting border security will think of even more creative measures.

Mexican Slum

Imagine being walled-off from the only sources of economic progress. If there is a Great Wall, this will be permanent.

Beyond that, the entire notion of a Great Wall Of America is utterly antithetical to a free society. Indeed, the notion sickens me — and I use the term literally. It churns my gut.

I cannot imagine a worse legacy to leave my children than a Great Wall Of America.

A Great Wall will forever divide North America. It will be divided politically, socially, culturally, and economically. It will drive everything south of the US border into permanent poverty. There will never, ever be any significant interaction with a Wall in place.

See East and West Germany and East and West Berlin for proof.

Life on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, US. They've lived behind a wall for more than a century.

Life on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, US. They’ve lived behind a wall for more than a century.

Particularly see the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota for proof.

Such a wall would be in place forever. Future generations would curse mine for centuries to come.  With any luck, they’d tear it down.

This is not a liberal position. This is at worst a libertarian position and at best an anarcho-capitalist one.

A Great Wall Of America is simply incompatible with a free society, particular an anarcho-capitalist one.  It is an initiation of force on a grand scale.

If there must be a political answer to the refugee problem, it isn’t a wall. It’s to annex Mexico.

If you prefer a wall forever marring North America and crippling it, then you have simply gone Full Trump.

Never go full Trump.


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