What the Frak Are We Seeing?

What the Frak Are We Seeing?

So this happened.

Until this moment, I was prepared to believe that the entire Russian scandal was just a conspiracy theory.  Until today, there was no real evidence.

I’m attempting to pick my jaw up from the floor.

I guess on one level, this proves a point I’ve been making since forever. Social media — particularly Twitter — is just good for PR.  It has no other use.  It’s why I maintain a Twitter account for anything with the Tales From SYL Ranch name on it.  Similarly a Facebook page.

However, on the political level, I’m no longer sure what level of scandal this is. Until this, I was prepared to ignore the whole thing as a conspiracy theory without any evidence.


Ummm, yes, I have a question …

Well, here’s the evidence, presented by the guy who actually did it.

I’m just … I can’t figure this out. If I had this kind of smoking gun about to be released, I just can’t imagine …

I know Trump never consults anyone about his ludicrous Tweets. They’re not even worth paying attention to.

But his son? Does the guy not know enough to consult an attorney before slitting his own throat on social media? I just can’t imagine an attorney saying, “Yup, throw all the proof right out there. No problem!”

I have no idea what we’re witnessing here any more. Not a zarking clue.

think (but am not sure) we’re seeing the potential breakup of the US and/or some kind of civil war.  The US Coasts are extremely angry at those of us in “fly-over country” whom they see as ignorant hicks.  They’ve already proven to be violent.

think (but am not sure) that we’re seeing some kind of Balkanization via echo chamber.  In previous eras, human beings had to interact with each other, and were thus exposed to different ideas.  Today, we’ve each built our own social echo-chamber.  All we hear are those with whom we agree.

I don’t see this ending well.  Belgium, man, belgium.