Antifa Report: 2017-08-27

Antifa Report: 2017-08-27

Today is the first of my weekly Antifa Reports.

The Antifa are a violent revolutionary organization.  Their stated goal is the overthrow of the United States Government in favor of a communist dictatorship guided by Antifa principles.

This includes violent suppression of speech that does not conform to Antifa principles.

Antifa command an army of at least 40,000.

Be advised that for personal reasons, I largely follow the activities of the Iowa and Chicago cells.  If you’re not in those areas, I advise you to begin your own Antifa Report.

As of 2017-06-27

Boston Antifa forces.

Boston Antifa forces.

On August 19, 2017, the city of Boston, Massachusetts fell to Antifa forces.

Following a day of violence, the City of Boston issued a formal surrender via Police Superintendant In Chief William Gross.

In a speech intended to send Antifa home before evening and nighttime riots, Gross characterized the Antifa’s goal of violently ending free speech as, “A victory for us.”


Boston is now under Antifa control.  Failure to comply with Antifa demands implies the threat of return of their army and subsequent violence.

To see the entire event in a manner that conforms to the Tales From SYL Ranch Guide to Citizen Journalism, see this video:

Antifa Forces

Antifa are in control of a violent army  of at least 40,000.  These are the forces which successfully took Boston.

Antifa Ideology

Antifa ideology considers anyone with differing views a Nazi.  If one is not a member of their army, one is considered a Nazi and therefore an enemy.

Antifa believe any views other than their own are too dangerous to be allowed to propagate.  They consider any mention of these views to be an initiation of force, therefore violence is appropriate in order to achieve their goals.

Antifa are in the process of co-opting the term “free speech” to mean “a gathering of Nazis.”

November 4 Revolt

Antifa Planning November 4 Revolt.

Antifa Planning November 4 Revolt.

Antifa are in the planning stages of a nationwide revolt on November 4.  They have cells in numerous States, with the number currently growing.

The stated strategy:

  • Beginning November 4, stage ongoing protests and strikes until the following demands are met:
  1. The removal of President Trump.
  2. Institution of a communist dictatorship based on Antifa ideology. appears to be the overall Command-and-Control organization of the revolt.  More information can be found on their website and Facebook group.


Antifa have cells in both Chicago and Will County.  These are actively participating in the planned November 4 revolt.

Information regarding Chicagoland can be found on the Refuse Fascism Chicago Facebook group.


Antifa have a cell in Cedar Rapids.  It is actively participating in the planned November 4 revolt.

Antifa don’t yet have a cell in Iowa with a public face, however their events are publicized by Refuse Fascism Chicago.

Averting Antifa Violence

At present, the only viable option to avert or halt potential civil war is for rural America to starve the combatants.

See “We Hold Your Life In Our Hands” for details.