CNN Must Die!

CNN Must Die!

Over the course of my lifetime, CNN has proven itself inaccurate almost 100% of the time.

Sadly, they’re only the most obvious offenders.

Nothing you see in the press is real.  Nothing.

CNN: Propagandists and Liars

CNN: Propagandists and Liars

CNN’s shoddy reporting during and immediately after 9/11 has left meat for Alex Jones to this day.  As technology and its reach has improved, so has CNN’s ability to cause chaos on a global scale.

CNN believes that it holds the sole position of Official Dissemination Of Truth To the World.  Apparently so do the rest of the world press.  In just the last few months, the depths of CNN’s outright falsehoods have become writ large to anyone who uses anything other than the traditional press for their information.

CNN lies.  CNN lies about everything.

Nothing you see on CNN is real.

Let me say it again, because it can be hard to fathom:

Nothing you see on CNN is real.


For reasons I can’t fathom, Trump likes to call it “fake news.”  I prefer an earlier term, and one that more accurately describes the situation:


Almost all of today’s press — CNN in particular — are propagandists.  Oddly enough, this was brought home recently when an old friend did a hit-piece on me.  I don’t care enough to respond, but it made me wonder about the accuracy of earlier pieces he’d done.  Did they actually deserve it?  Bah — that way lies madness.

In any case, if you obtain your information from any or all of the following sources, be aware that it’s propaganda:

  • “Broadcast” journalists: networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS in the U.S.  This includes their various forays into online media.  This includes your local news.
  • “Print” journalists: papers such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Des Moines Register in the U.S.  This includes their various forays into online media.  This includes your local paper.
  • “Cable” journalists:  CNN, FOX News, whatever-the-hell alphabet-soup is floating around on that turd-box.  I don’t bother keeping track any more.  This includes every single one of them.
  • Alex Jones.  The man is the living embodiment of Harcourt Fenton Mudd.  This includes any of the millennials he’s now hiring because his mug will never attract the right demographic.  This includes Paul Joseph Watson.
  • Any late-night talk-show nor comedian.  Johnny Carson as an appropriate place for news and world events?  Carson himself would have burst into tears.
  • Any YouTuber.  Anybody can buy a suit and a greenscreen.  It’s one of the reasons my podcast is audio-only:  it’s not impressive any more.  Every single last one of them is an ignorant schmuck.

So … where does that leave you?

As always, with your own eyes and ears.  That’s how it’s always been and how it always will be, for the simple little fact that we all live in our own heads.  Not a single one of us, not identical twins standing next to each other, sees the world in quite the same way.

You’d think the camera would help, but the Soviets were altering their nation’s history with paintbrushes three full generations before “photoshop” became a verb.  Today, you can’t believe anything you didn’t see nor hear for yourself — and even then, you might not get it right.

That said, as technology has made propagandizing fantastically easy, it has also made it fantastically easy to counter.  Every lie is more easily-disproven.  Every deception is more easily-shattered.

Every once in a while they stumble, as CNN has done for us this week.  They stumbled in a way that rather turns on my internal “Red Alert” siren.  That’s because they stumbled into my field of IT.

Over at CNN, one particularly stubborn stain on the underwear of humanity discovered how to follow certain online tracks.  More correctly, he was shown by someone else that was smart enough to pick up a trail the approximate size of the Grand Canyon.

Said stubborn underwear stain is Andrew Kaczynsky.  Apparently a BuzzFeed hatchet-man on-loan to CNN, Kaczynsky cracked the caper I like to call, “The CNN Hatchet-Job Matter.”

In fact, Kaczynsky followed the trail of someone who wasn’t trying very hard to keep their identity secret.  This poor schlub assumed that a juvenile on-line handle was enough.

But CNN wanted to make an example of said poor schlub.  After tracking him down, they tried to contact him.

The poor schlub panicked, deleted everything in sight, posted retractions and apologies, and then called CNN to plead on his hands and knees for them to not doxx him.

CNN was gracious — this once.  But Full Contrititon must be made.  Much chanting to the local gods was required.  Apologies all around.

“But watch yourself!” CNN warned.  “We’ve still got our eye on you!”

And then CNN squeezed its fist, symbolizing the vice-like grip in which they held the poor schlub’s nether regions.  Unlike a certain galaxy far, far away, it wasn’t star systems that would slip between those fingers.

In this case, the first was the combined attention and ire of the entire world press.

Make no mistake: if CNN decides to doxx you, you’d better hope you’re armed or your lifespan will be measured in minutes.  Once word gets out, no one will ever be coming to your rescue.  If recent history is any indication, local police might be asked to stand down while you’re murdered in front of them.