… Where No Man Has Gone Before

A bit of an open letter to Star Trek Continues after they brought the ship home …

Star Trek Continues  was positively glorious. I hadn’t looked forward to Star Trek the way I did to Star Trek Continues in decades.

They were doing what I think of as “my” Star Trek with “my” cast and crew.

As it clearly the case, 1st generation fans such as myself have become dinosaurs. We’re too small and decreasing a market for CBS or Paramount to ever care about again. They want those 18-25s, and they got it.

We will not see “my” Star Trek again. Star Trek Continues will be the last. It’s somehow fitting that they brought the Enterprise home for the series finale that we never got to see.

From the man who once “stumped Vic” at Anime Central (“How long would it take Scotty to do a cold start of the warp engines?”):

Live long and prosper, Vic Mignogna, and everyone involved with Star Trek Continues.