Goodbye Facebook and Twitter!

You’re going to burn in the special Hell:  the one reserved for child molesters and people who talk in the theater.
Shepherd Book, Firefly

I typically eschew when users announce their departure. I’ve been a mod of various things over the years. I’ve gotten to the point where I just roll my eyes.

In this case, however, I want to explain a couple of things for Mark Zuckerberg’s benefit. I’m aiming at him in particular, though I suspect a lot of users would agree with me.

I’m leaving this miserable excuse for a platform.

The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.
John Gilmore, 6 December 1993

At the moment, I’m headed to MeWe. That seems to be where the Facebook Exodus is headed. That in mind, I’d like to give my new MeWe addresses and invite you to connect to me. I’ve got one for myself and one for my vlogcast Tales From SYL Ranch.

Feel free to join the group. I’ve been modding a long time and know how to keep order. I’ll also maintain civility and keep things family-friendly.

I’ll also be using it as the primary means of engagement for the vlogcast.  YouTube has made it impossible to engage my viewers easily.  I’ll still try, but the interface is buggy as hell.

Please feel free to join the group.  I’ve modded something-or-other off-and-on since the 1980s.  I know how to keep the peace without becoming a dictator.

For the benefit of Twitter:

You are the single largest repository of stupid in the history of the human race.  That’s no exaggeration, it is literally true.

I live in some fear that 4,000 years hence. some Indiana Jones type will be sifting through the remains of a Twitter data center.  If they succeed in recovering it, they’ll think the 21st Century was intellectual barbarism.

Additionally, you’re trying to manipulate people through a dopamine rush.  I won’t be party to anything that comes near that kind of drug dealer.

Finally, like Facebook and YouTube, Twitter has become a content censor.  Fortunately, in Twitter’s case the content is all the same level of stupid, so censorship hardly matters.

As you you, Mark Zuckerberg:

Remember when you said that anyone over 30 is slow and stupid? You were right in your own case. You’ve been slow to get wise to how angry everyone’s become; and too stupid to realize it would be a problem in the first place.

Facebook, once a place were I connected with friends and like-minded individuals, has become a playground filled with squabbling children.

This is in part due to Facebook’s algorithms. They show us not the content we’re interested in; nor the content of our friends or family; but rather the content you think will sell ads and/or further your propaganda.

I have nothing against making money with ads. I have ad-blockers, so it hardly matters. However, sacrificing what your users want to see in favor of what you want them to see is a losing proposition at best  At worst, it gives us what we have now: a propaganda platform.

Make no mistake, Facebook has become a propaganda platform.

It’s a place where only the most extreme liberal — and insane — users can flourish. There is no room on Facebook for anyone right of Che Guevara. If you disagree in any way, be prepared for an onslaught of communists and social justice warriors.

Like YouTube (that other bastion of communist propaganda), you attempt nothing less than mind control of your users. You actually believe that by crowding out anyone who doesn’t agree with you that they will quietly disappear.

You couldn’t have been more wrong, and now it’s going to cost you the company.

Zuckerberg, you’re nothing more than a sick, twisted, propagandist. Joseph Goebbels would be proud. You’ve taken up his mantle and turned it into something he couldn’t imagine in his wildest dreams.

Now it’s going to cost you your company.

Even liberals are now abandoning your company. Your platform has become so ad-ridden and freedom-squashing that even they can’t stand it any more. The fact that you’re hoovering-up everything on our phones has been the last straw.

In nearby Altoona, Iowa, there’s a recently-completed Facebook data center.

The city fathers of Altoona, thrilled to have The Mighty Facebook in their sleepy Des Moines suburb, collectively dropped trau and spread their cheeks so that you’d take up residence.  They’re going to be extremely embarrassed when that data center is sold off in the massive fire sale that will be the ashes of your company.

I personally will be laughing my ass off.

You’re done. You’re history; you’re down in the archives; you’re all dusty. You’re Casper; you’re a ghost.

Your freedom-destroying platform is about to go the way of MySpace — though far more spectacularly. With a little luck, it will destroy your fortune. With a little more luck, it will having you joining the army of homeless in Southern California.

Perhaps one day I’ll see a picture of you on MeWe: dishevelled, filthy, and pushing a shopping cart.

O Liberty, thou art a heartless bitch.
William Stone III, 29 March 2018