Live!  The Fandi Master’s Review of “World Enough and Time” – Star Trek New Voyages 4×03!

Live!  The Fandi Master‘s Golden Review of “World Enough and Time” – Star Trek New Voyages 4×03!

The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.
John Gilmore, 6 December 1993

Most YouTubers do “snap reviews,” made at the end of the episode. The Fandi Master goes deeper, using his theatrical background to “peel back the curtain.”

He gives thoughtful reviews that delve into direction, lighting, cinematography, acting … everything that went into making you feel the way you did.

Not just how you felt, but why.

Join live and interact with the Fandi Master through chat! He’ll discuss anything from Flash Gordon serials to the importance of posture and Triumph Doreen bras in modern cosplay!

Most importantly, the Fandi Master asks the question: “Is it any good?”

Tales From SYL Ranch is live Monday through Thursday at:

North America

  • Eastern: 10pm
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  • Mountain: 8pm
  • Pacific: 7pm


  • 2am the next day

It’s in the archives after that, so you can always watch — but it’s always more fun to watch live and interact with the Fandi Master!

And remember:  Always know where your towel is!