The Omega Glory Speech: Equifax Is To Blame!

Equifax is incredibly negligent, and your Congressmen don’t know the correct questions to ask.

Listen to the Old Fan as he tells you just how bad most IT systems are, and how their security is totally lacking — drawing from his 40 years’ experience in IT.

Show this to your Congressmen.

IT Horror Stories Episode I

IT Horror Stories Episode I
The IT horror story you’re about to read is true.
Only the names were changed to protect the innocent.

The Banker and Larry Ellison

Typical Call Center

Typical call center. Not the one at where I worked, but so generic as to be interchangeable.

I worked for a credit card-issuer based in South Dakota. This was a larger business than it sounds. I occasionally heard the weekly net bandied about. It was at that point I realized that there are businesses so profitable and with a clientele so locked-in that they don’t need to care about burning money on IT nor anything else.

It was a privately-held company, and the President was fabulously wealthy. He’d hob-nob all over the country, and this occasionally put him in company of IT industry leaders.

Larry Ellison: NSA Collaborator

Larry Ellison: NSA Collaborator and Tony Stark wannabe.

Enter Larry Ellison.

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So You Want To Fix IT

So You Want To Fix IT
Every IT Worker Ever

This is every IT worker ever.

I’ve been reading articles lately that are aimed at executives.  I’m shocked — shocked! — to discover that IT personnel are have a tendency to burn out.  I know that I did, some eight or ten years ago.  After 30 years in the game, man and boy, I couldn’t stand it any more.

I’m still in IT.  However, I make certain demands of my hours on which I will no longer compromise.  As one might expect in a highly-competitive field like IT, this makes me nearly unemployable.

Most articles are aimed at executives.  All play a game of softball, alluding to but never really telling the truth.

They don’t call me “The Jackelope Of Truth” for nothing.

I’m here to tell managers and executives exactly how it is.  I will mince no words, because the situation is far too dire for that.

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Gun Control Kills

What would have happened on 9/11 if this were truly the Land Of the Free.

What would have happened on 9/11 if this were truly the Land Of the Free.

For sixteen long years, libertarians have maintained that 9/11 would not have occurred if individuals weren’t Unconstitutionally denied their right to protect themselves.

Even if there were only one armed individual on each aircraft, they’d stand a good chance of killing a terrorist. The terrorist would be facing an unknown enemy from an unknown direction. Eventually the shooter would bring him down.

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“Airport Security” Is Impossible

“Airport Security” Is Impossible
Ohio Scientific C8P-DF

Ohio Scientific Model C8P-DF

As a boy, when my friends and I played Star Trek in the back yard, I was always Spock.  The character held an “A7 computer expert” rating.  When questioned about his qualifications during Kirk‘s court-martial, he testified simply:  “I know all about them.”  He was an expert with a Tricorder, able to extend its functionality using primitive technology.

In 1979 (I was 14 years old), my father purchased his first business computer.  It was a state-of-the-art Ohio Scientific C8P-DF, notable for its dual 8″ floppy drives capable of storing a massive 275K.

I was hooked.

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The Droid Saga, Episode III: Rescue Of the ROMs

The Droid Saga

Episode III: Rescue Of the ROMs

It is a period of uncertainty on Bill’s Droid. Having been tempted by the power of Android 2.2, he manually installed Verizon’s pushed build of Android 2.2 FRG01B.

The networking stack was buggy and Verizon ceased the push immediately — but the damage was done:  the Droid was crippled. The Droid was eventually flashed back to Android 2.1 and then a “factory build” of Android 2.2 FRG22 was installed.

Peace returned to Bill’s Droid, but rumblings of discord continued. The Droid was now rooted, and the enormous power this represented could not be ignored …

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The Droid Saga, Episode II: The Revenge Of Flash

The Droid Saga

Episode II: The Revenge Of Flash

It is a period of chaos on Bill’s Droid. Having been tempted by the power of Android 2.2, he installed Verizon’s pushed build of Android 2.2 FRG01B to his Droid.

The networking stack was buggy and Verizon ceased the push immediately. Nevertheless, Bill’s Droid was bitten by the bug.  Networking — particularly wireless — was almost impossible.

The Droid is crippled, and it seems no hope remains to return peace and freedom to the Droid …

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