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Donate With PayPal

Donate With PayPal

When donating, please consider what can happen to the show if I were to receive the following from donors:

$2,000 Per Month

Tales From SYL Ranch becomes my full-time job.

I will treat it as a business.

I will be able to do at least 5 different reviews (TV shows or movies) every week.

  • It could be 6 reviews depending on time investment (any given episode takes about 6 hours’ time).
  • It might be 5 TV reviews and one movie, all viewers’ choice.
  • I’ll do Star Trek, Doctor Who, Orville, or anything else (science fiction or not) that viewers might want to see.
    • I would love to being doing reviews of Mr. Robot.

You’ll get the same content

  • No “snap reviews.”  They only tell you that they felt a certain way.
  • I take time to really analyze a film and explain how the filmmaker made you feel that way through:
    • Characters
    • Plot
    • Acting
    • Direction
    • Lighting
    • Cinematography
    • Music

You’ll get my perspective.

I’m the Old Fan.

  • I’ve forgotten more about science fiction than any of the punks doing “snap reviews” will ever know.
    • Now get off my lawn!
  • My perspective on SF dates back to the 1930s.
    • I’ve seen all major SF films from the 1930s to the present.
    • I’ve seen a lot of crap SF films, too.
  • I’ve read an enormous amount of SF literature.
    • You can get this yourself to a large extent via Project Gutenberg.
    • I know the giants: Issac Asimov, Robert Heinlen, Larry Niven
    • I know the ones you’ve never heard of, like H. Beam Piper and L. Neil Smith.
  • I bring that to every review.

Shows will always be live.

I will always interact with viewers.

Always always always.

Donate With PayPal

Donate With PayPal

In Excess of $2,000 Per Month

It will be funneled back into Tales From SYL Ranch to grow it.

I’ll have fantastically better production values!

I’ll get a decent computer!

  • I have a nice 1080p cam.  Unfortunately, they’ll only hit about 2fps on my computers (vintage 2004-2007).  I need a more contemporary one.
  • I Can’t do anything interesting with camerawork because my computers can’t handle it.
  • I can’t do anything interesting with graphics.

SYL Ranch Studios becomes a professional studio!

  • Nothing changes, in terms of what you see.  I will use no greenscreens nor jump-cuts.
  • What you see is what you get, as always.
  • I’ll probably get a better sofa.  I got the one you see 10 years ago at the Salvation Army store.
  • My environment and memorabilia is as real as I am; neither I nor it change.
  • Everything just looks a hell of a lot better

I’ll do professional lighting!

  • The whole of studio will be lit in such a way that the memorabilia behind me is visible but doesn’t detract from the review.

I’ll do professional camerawork!

This is the current state of the SYL Ranch Studios:

SYL Ranch Studios - 2017-11-04

SYL Ranch Studios – 2017-11-04

  • With money, I can get real cameras.
    • Professional-grade, not webcams!
    • 4K, even!
  • I can have multiple cams for different shots.
  • I could get up, walk around, even show off pertinent Old Fan’s Memorabilia in a professional way.

I’ll get professional graphics!

  • Intros, outros, transitions, and promos will take on a whole new level!


  • This would be extremely useful to demonstrate a particular scene or moment.
    • In these videos I’m doing for educational purposes only!
  • Can insert good copies of the Old Fan’s Memorabilia (I know where to find it on the Internet).

Other features

  • Interviews with YouTubers with a similar bent.  Perhaps other critics who agree or disagree with my reviews.
  • Interviews with professionals as Tales From SYL Ranch becomes legitimized.
  • Live streams/Skype call-ins with viewers!
Donate With PayPal

Donate With PayPal

Significantly In Excess of $2,000

I establish The Old Fan’s Media Empire!

Alex Jones will be wetting himself!

My demands:

  1. A million dollars.
  2. A getaway car.
  3. The letter “M” stricken from the English language.

(10 points if you know that last reference.  Unfortunately, the points are made up and don’t matter.  Yes, the points are just like clothes to a green Orion slave girl: they don’t matter.)

Donate With PayPal

Donate With PayPal

Can I Do This?

Oh, frak yeah.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I was once an actor.

  • You never saw me.
  • I did Summer Stock, dinner theaters, mostly along Mississippi.
  • I did a couple of local (Quincy, IL) commercials.
  • I never got my SAG card, but to this day, I want it.

I’ve worked behind the scenes.

  • I had a job as a tech at the one of the arenas in Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • I was a Union Extra for big touring shows in their heydays, like:
    • Led Zeppelin
    • Van Halen
    • Rudolph Nureyev
  • Doing Summer Stock and dinner theater means everybody does everything.  I’ve done:
    • Lighting
    • Costuming
    • Set construction
  • I’ve successfully directed a couple of one-acts, nothing you’d’ve seen.

I know how to do this. I just need the funding.


Donate With PayPal

Donate With PayPal