So You Want To Fix IT

So You Want To Fix IT
Every IT Worker Ever

This is every IT worker ever.

I’ve been reading articles lately that are aimed at executives.  I’m shocked — shocked! — to discover that IT personnel are have a tendency to burn out.  I know that I did, some eight or ten years ago.  After 30 years in the game, man and boy, I couldn’t stand it any more.

I’m still in IT.  However, I make certain demands of my hours on which I will no longer compromise.  As one might expect in a highly-competitive field like IT, this makes me nearly unemployable.

Most articles are aimed at executives.  All play a game of softball, alluding to but never really telling the truth.

They don’t call me “The Jackelope Of Truth” for nothing.

I’m here to tell managers and executives exactly how it is.  I will mince no words, because the situation is far too dire for that.

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Mystery Missile Is No Mystery

Mystery Missile Is a Contrail

I’m willing to say without any fear of being eventually disproven:

This is a contrail.

I like to a site below that explains this, but I’ll explain why I’m convinced it’s a contrail:

First, you need to do what I did when you watch this video, which is mute it and ignore the words on the screen. Ignore all the video accompanying it and just watch the footage of the object.

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