The Omega Glory Speech: Equifax Is To Blame!

Equifax is incredibly negligent, and your Congressmen don’t know the correct questions to ask.

Listen to the Old Fan as he tells you just how bad most IT systems are, and how their security is totally lacking — drawing from his 40 years’ experience in IT.

Show this to your Congressmen.

IT Horror Stories Episode I

IT Horror Stories Episode I
The IT horror story you’re about to read is true.
Only the names were changed to protect the innocent.

The Banker and Larry Ellison

Typical Call Center

Typical call center. Not the one at where I worked, but so generic as to be interchangeable.

I worked for a credit card-issuer based in South Dakota. This was a larger business than it sounds. I occasionally heard the weekly net bandied about. It was at that point I realized that there are businesses so profitable and with a clientele so locked-in that they don’t need to care about burning money on IT nor anything else.

It was a privately-held company, and the President was fabulously wealthy. He’d hob-nob all over the country, and this occasionally put him in company of IT industry leaders.

Larry Ellison: NSA Collaborator

Larry Ellison: NSA Collaborator and Tony Stark wannabe.

Enter Larry Ellison.

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